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City Charter High School Students and Teachers Embark on Transformative Journey to Costa Rica

City Charter High School Students and Teachers Embark on Transformative Journey to Costa Rica
In April, the Latin American Studies International Service Learning Program at City Charter High School returned to Costa Rica, with 14 eager students and 4 dedicated teachers embarking on a cultural and educational journey.

As they journeyed through Costa Rica, students had the opportunity to engage in meaningful community service projects, delve into conversations about the impact of climate change and work side by side with local residents in various rural areas within the rainforest. Their hands-on experiences were designed to foster empathy, understanding, and a sense of global citizenship.

According to student Hannah Moog, “I am really happy I got this opportunity to help out the community in Quebrada Arroyo, and to also learn. I am also happy that I got to step out of my comfort zone because this was a new experience for me.”

Beyond their service commitments, students also embarked on trips through Costa Rica's lush rainforests, where they had the chance to witness firsthand the incredible biodiversity of the region. From cascading waterfalls to towering canopy bridges, every step of the journey revealed a new adventure and a deeper connection to the natural world.

Selected through a rigorous application process, the students on the Costa Rica trip demonstrated not only academic excellence but also a strong commitment to making a positive impact in the world. 

"Costa Rica was amazing! It was the most beautiful place I have been. It really benefited me to explore a new place with different cultures and a new way of life," expressed Leah Partridge, one of the students. "I would suggest everyone to go and give back to a community because the impact is forevermore."

“Being fully immersed in the culture was quite the experience. I enjoyed trying the different dishes they had to offer," remarked Cailah Hall, another participant.

For Khilah Smith, the trip was more about the memories. “My favorite part was building relationships with people I would've never thought I could get close to and also realizing getting over my fears is fun and exciting.”

The Latin American Studies International Service Learning Program is an inter-cultural and international self-development experience that involves a true commitment to activities ranging from community service to intense hiking trips and cultural events.  It includes a 13-week elective course to study the politics, culture, language, and natural environment of Latin America and concludes with a 7 day journey to Costa Rica.