“One of the Bright Spots in America’s Educational Future.”

- According to ABC’s Good Morning America 

City Charter High School is a highly innovative public school in downtown Pittsburgh, founded as an exemplary research and development school for 21st century secondary urban education. The innovative approach is bringing acclaim to Pittsburgh… and the region. 

“One of the most connected high school classrooms in America” is how U.S. News & World Report once described City High, citing: 

  • Laptop Computers 
  • Wireless Internet 
  • Interactive Digital Workspaces 
  • Technical Support Staff 
  • Connectivity to School from Home 
  • Technical Support Staff  
  • Additional Technological Resources  
  • High Online Engagement 

Track Record

Since our first graduating class of 2006, we continually exceed all national/state averages with a 93% attendance rate, 93-97% graduation rate. And we reach these achievements with a diverse student population that averages 58% minority, 69% economically disadvantaged and 15% special needs. 

At 96%, City Charter High School has one of the top graduation rates in the state, An essential key is an empowering public education that enables all students to develop skills at every level and become career-, college-, and work-ready for the modern world.  

Learn More About Our Achievements

Awards & Accolades 

Here are some of the recent achievements that have brought recognition to City Charter High School as well as our city and region. 
  • PA Public Coaition of Charter Schools PACSP Grant Winner - $1.3 million over 3 years (2021-2024)
  • 2020 Best Charter High School in the Pittsburgh Area — 
  • Title I Distinguished school
  • We are proud to have produced 3 Gates Millennium scholars. 
  • We are fortunate to have two award-winning robotics teams, competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition, an international high school contest that challenges teens from all over the world to create a fully functional robot designed to complete specific tasks. 
  • Our Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) teams have developed two successful new business models; one receiving 2nd place nationally in 2016, while the other placed 1st nationally in 2013 and 2014, and placed 2nd in 2014 in the worldwide competition held in Moscow. 
  •  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recognized City High as one of its 2019,2020, 2022 Top Work Places.  
  • 2010 Effective Practice Incentive Community (“EPIC”) award for best-performing charter schools in the United States by New Leaders for New Schools.

The Pittsburgh Promise

The Pittsburgh Promise is a scholarship program sponsored by many local foundations, non-profit organizations and philanthropic individuals who believe in the power of education to transform a region. 

92% of City Charter High School students qualify to receive the Pittsburgh Promise Scholarship. As Pittsburgh Promise Scholars, these students are awarded tuition and funding to supplement costs for books and room and board to an accredited college or university in Pennsylvania after federal and state grant funding has been applied through FASFA. Each student is awarded up to $20,000. 

Recent Grants

  • ESSER I Grant: $217,000
  • PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) Health & Safety Grant: $82,373.00
  • Partner4Work Young Adult Workforce Services Grant: $64,500 (2019-2023)
  • PA Smart Grant: $35,000
  • PA Safe Schools Grant: $24,815
  • ReMake Learning Ignite Grant: $5,000
  • Division of Federal Programs- COVID Special Education Mitigation Grant: $5,000
  • PMC Properties: $50,000 for student scholarships (19-20)
  • Benedum Foundation: $10,000 (extended into 2021)