Advanced Learning

Challenging Students Who Want More 

At City Charter High School we have many ways of keeping students interested, engaged… and learning. 

Often that takes wide-ranging electives that dig deeper than the core curriculum. High achievers need a challenge. So we make sure to offer them the opportunity to earn advanced skills, like Adobe and Microsoft certifications or other advanced programming skills. Other students will elect to join the student-run Robotics Team, take advanced Chemistry or Biology classes, or even participate in hands-on STEM Labs.  

Honors Program

Participation in the City Charter High School honors program is open to all students. The honors program is a deeper and broader study of the standard curriculum in Mathematics, English, History and Science, beginning in the 10th grade. Students may take a maximum of 12 honors courses between grades 10-12. Approximately 30% of City High students participate in the honors program in each subject area.  

Honors credit is given within a course for work over and above the core curriculum and Honors designation is included on the City High student transcript. Students enter the honors program at the beginning of the trimester and students are allowed to drop honors at any time during the first four weeks of a given trimester. 10th, 11th and 12th grade students must stay in honors for the entire year long class. 

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society recognizes academic achievement, service to the school and community, leadership, character and citizenship. Inducted students are expected to take on leadership roles in the school and community. Criteria for membership has four parts – 

  1. Scholarship (3.25 QPA, and at least 1 Honors class) 
  2. Character (No suspensions in the current school year, minimum grade B in Workforce in the previous and current trimesters, 5 or less unexcused absences/tardies in the current school year) 
  3. Leadership (Recommendation signed off by four grade level teachers) 
  4. Service (50 hours of participation in school and out of school service experiences). 

Email for more information. 


City Charter High School’s approach to learning includes Lectures, Seminars, Study Groups and Independent Study. For students looking to be challenged by in-depth and advanced research, our hands-on STEM labs fulfill this study group component. Some of these advanced labs include: 

  • Advanced ADOBE and MOS Programming 
  • Scientific Research and Design  
  • Applied Biology 
  • Applied Chemistry 
  • Microbiology 

Programming Electives

City Charter High School provides a rich program in technology applications and business, including Applied Technology, Computer Technology, and Multimedia Technology. All students become proficient and often certified in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, digital video, web design html and Java. In addition, students can choose electives in programming, participate in the student-run robotics team or hands on STEM labs. 

Anatomy & Physiology Labs

Anatomy & Physiology is the study of the structure and function of organs and body systems. Students conduct various dissections to gain a basic understanding of human organs and organ systems, homeostasis and metabolism. They are not observers, but actually do the testing: performing experiments or dissections, doing computer simulations, and testing scientific theories. For any student interested in biology and health-related fields (nursing, nurse assistant, physician, physician assistant, bioengineering, pharmacy, emergency medicine, etc.), this elective course of study is essential. Advanced electives in health, disease, fitness and nutrition further prepare students exploring these health-related fields. 


Girls doing roboticsOpen to students in grades 10 – 12, FIRST Robotics exists to provide an introduction to science, technology, and business in a uniquely engaging manner to the students of City Charter High School. The Short Circuits, Team 1743, is a team of juniors and seniors. The Short Circuits compete in the FIRST Robotics competition, a competition that challenges teens from all over the world to create a fully functional robot that is designed to complete specific tasks. 

The Arts

We understand that some students naturally gravitate toward the arts. So we offer advanced programs for students needing an outlet for creative expression – whether it’s the: 

  • Visual (sketch, sculpt, paint, illustrate/animate,work in watercolor or Photoshop) 
  • Verbal (writing, digital media, playwriting) 
  • Musical (choir, keyboarding, drumming, guitar) 
  • Performance (dance, acting, public speaking)