Academic Approach

We make school relevant.

Our approach to the high school curriculum is fresh and highly effective: clustering subjects into key literacy areas and then demonstrating how these skills are relevant… no matter what our students do in life.  

Mixed Ability Classrooms

All students are welcome at City Charter High School, including those with disabilities and learning difficulties. We are dedicated to keeping all learners together (preventing discrimination). Smaller class sizes are helpful in a full inclusion setting. We also provide additional teaching assistants for learning support so that each child, including those with IEPs, learns to the best of their ability.   

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Project Based Learning

Interdisciplinary, project-based learning sets City Charter High School apart. Our students are not just taught facts and information, but how to teach themselves and collaborate with others to learn. Their studies focus on Cultural Literacy, Information Literacy, Scientific Literacy and Workskills and Financial Literacy, which collectively prepare them with the skills needed to become 21st century learners. 

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Integrated Study

Study of individual topics across various disciplines (language arts, science, social studies, etc.) gives students a chance to work with multiple sources of information, ensuring they are receiving a more inclusive perspective than they could get from one textbook. More importantly, this interdisciplinary approach helps teachers better utilize instructional time and look deeper into subjects through a variety of content-specific lenses and allowing them to better differentiate instruction to individual student needs.  

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Advanced Electives

City Charter High School recognizes that some students thrive on a challenge. So we make sure to offer them the opportunity to earn advanced skills, like Adobe and Microsoft certifications and college credits at CCAC or Point Park University. Others will elect to join the student-run Robotics Team, take Anatomy & Physiology Labs, hands-on STEM Labs or Programming electives. 

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