Academic Approach

We make school relevant.

Our approach to the high school curriculum is fresh and highly effective: clustering subjects into key literacy areas and then demonstrating how these skills are relevant… no matter what our students do in life.  

Integrated Study

Our interdisciplinary curriculum sets City Charter High School apart. Students' core studies focus on Cultural Literacy, Information Literacy, Scientific Literacy and Workskills and Financial Literacy, which collectively prepare them with the skills needed to become 21st century learners.  

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Project-Based Learning

Our students are not just taught facts and information, but how to teach themselves and collaborate with others to learn. Interdisciplinary, project-based learning sets City Charter High School apart. Students work with multiple sources of information, ensuring that they are receiving a more inclusive perspective than they can get from any one textbook. Hands-on collaborative learning is essential for our students' success.

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Mixed Ability Classrooms

All students are welcome at City Charter High School, including those with disabilities and learning differences. We have a full-inclusion policy, meaning students with learning disabilities are not segregated from their classmates, but work – and thrive – alongside their peers. Learning Support teachers provide in-classroom support for them to ensure the core curriculum and all other key educational opportunities are within their reach. We also provide additional teaching assistants for learning support so that each child, including those with IEPs, learns to the best of their ability.

Students with disabilities are admitted to City Charter High School on the same basis as all other students. All special education services and programs are offered to students of City Charter High School at no expense to the family. 

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Advanced Electives

City Charter High School recognizes that some students thrive on a challenge. So we make sure to offer them the opportunity to develop advanced skills, like earning Adobe and Microsoft certifications or college credits at CCAC or Point Park University. Other student elect to take Honors course or focus on electives in music, creative writing or the arts.

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Real World Learning

Learning doesn’t end when City Charter High School students leave our classrooms. We provide opportunities for practical learning experiences that take advantage of individual student interests through cultural field trips, mentored internships and even taking college courses.
This “real world” learning allows students to participate in situations where they can learn about themselves…about others…about the workplace… and about their place in the world

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