Our Students

“We were very impressed with City Charter High School's overall organization, communication, and commitment to academic excellence. The school also has a strong anti-bullying policy that was also important to our family. The staff goes above and beyond each and every day to prepare the students for life after high school.” --City High parent of 2020-2021


City Charter High School is all about helping you get the most out of your high school experience.   

Many graduates tell us that their experience at City Charter High School was positive and life-changing. They felt supported, like part of a family.  They learned how to be responsible for their own learning… their own success… relying on things like independent study and teamwork, plus skills like discipline, patience, and concentration that come in handy every day. 

We expect a lot and we provide a range of supports to help you reach your full potential. 

City High - Career Mapping
Makes a Difference

City High students get all the advantages of a technology based, career-focused education. Work-skills Literacy is taught throughout in preparation for the required 13-week mentored internship. Along with career classes, students also learn about Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship. There’s College & Career Planning for every student, supported by a dedicated Post-High School Planning Team.