Real World Learning

Learning that Goes Beyond the Classroom

Learning doesn’t end when City Charter High School students leave our classrooms. We provide opportunities for practical learning experiences that take advantage of individual student interests. We think of it as “real world” learning. Basically, putting students in situations where they can learn about themselves…about others…about the workplace… and about their place in the world. 

Cultural Field Trips

Strategically placed throughout all four years, City High’s cultural field trips not only expand students’ interests, but also create bonds with their classmates that last well beyond high school. 

9th Grade

Presque Isle—Kayaking, canoeing, fishing and swimming in Erie PA  

Camp Kon-o-Kwee—Canoeing, rock climbing, and the Trail of Courage obstacle course 

10th Grade

Laurel Caverns—Caverns tour, rappelling. 

Niagara Falls—Maid of the Mist and the Cave of Winds, descending 175 feet into Niagara Gorge to the Hurricane Deck 

11th Grade

New York City— Times Square, Ferry Ride past the Statue of Liberty, and a slice of the Big Apple!   

Ohiopyle—Students enjoy rafting, hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing in one of the largest state parks located in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania 

International Service Learning Program— Each year, up to 20 City Charter High School junior students are invited to embark on a journey of personal and cultural discovery in a foreign country 

12th Grade 

Teen Quest—The Laurel Highlands engage fellow seniors in a rugged outdoor adventure, including horse back rides, archery, paintball, biking, fishing, go-cart driving, outdoor mazes and much more. 

For-credit College Classes

City Charter High School’s mathematics and science program consists of a mandatory four City Charter High School students have opportunities to earn college credits while in high school. The For-credit college class option provides students in grade 12 with a college experience at CCAC or Point Park. Successfully completed courses (grade C or higher) count as an elective towards the City High graduation requirements.  

Qualifying City High seniors may take one course during the City Charter High School August/December term and a second course during the January/May term, if space is available. (Students must get a B grade or higher on their first course in order to take a second course.) 

Eligibility to take for-credit college classes:

  • Less than 10 unexcused absences throughout the school year of application. 
  • Less than 15 unexcused tardies during the school year of application. 
  • Minimum grade of B in Workforce Readiness during the previous two trimesters of application 
  • Minimum of 2.75 Cumulative GPA to take courses at CCAC or 
  • Minimum of 3.0 Cumulative GPA to take courses at Point Park University 

A $200 charge will be placed on the debt account for any student who earns less than a final grade of ‘C’ at CCAC or Point Park University. 

Mentored Internships

An internship is a great resume builder. It is also the best way to get first-hand exposure before committing to a career direction, so early preparation is important. At orientation, students – and their families – are introduced to the concept of internships and it being a graduation requirement. Students start off by completing a “career survey” and eventually use their “dream board” from 9th grade to narrow in on an internship. Throughout their weekly Career Literacy classes, they gain the skills needed to pursue these dreams. So, by the time our students are in their 3rd year, they are fully ready to head out into the community to put their skills into practice.  


Each City Charter High School student gets to “try-out” a career. Here’s how we prepare them: 

  • They learn about what to expect in the workplace  
  • They’re taught time-management skills and the importance of attendance and an overall professional work ethic 
  • They’re exposed to peer-sharing in their chosen field of interest 
  • Microsoft & Adobe certifications 
  • Resumé & mock job Interview classes 
  • Financial Literacy and Workforce Skills training 
  • Additional classes in Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship 
  • Computer Literacy—Applied Technology, Computer Technology, Multimedia Technology 

Internship Sites—City High has established over 130 mentoring internship sites throughout the Pittsburgh area, including Children’s Hospital, CMU Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. For a more complete list, visit - Our Community Partnerships