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Creating Well-Rounded and Prepared Graduates

At City Charter High School, we create a safe, supported place to learn. We continually challenge our students and we expect them to take an active role in their own learning, by engaging, collaborating, and connecting with the real world. 

We strongly believe that high school is the time to get serious about school. It’s your gateway to college or career. We have the path to your future. Here are just some of the rules of the road. 

Student Policies & Code of Conduct

In order to ensure a safe and supportive environment for learning, City Charter High School has developed extensive policy guidelines / codes of conduct for students. Violations of any provisions of the code may result in suspension and/or expulsion, or other appropriate sanctions. When a violation is also a violation of Federal, State or local laws, the appropriate law enforcement agency may be contacted. 

City High Student Policies Index
Download the Student Handbook

These guidelines include policy statements addressing specific issues, such as: 

  • Attendance Acceptable Use of Technology 
  • Bullying 
  • Athletic and Extracurricular Activity Participation 
  • Dress Code
  • Lockers
  • Lunch Policy
  • Social Media 
  • Transportation

Academic Calendar

City Charter High School uses a unique Trimester school year: three 62-class day sessions with month-long Winter, Spring and Summer breaks. Our students grow to love these well-placed breaks from class. And since the material from the previous session is still fresh, you don’t need to start over in a particular study area when the break is over. 

Year-round classes/emphasis on academics with breaks during August, December and April 

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Grade-to-Grade Promotion

  • The student completes 6.5 to 9 units and is promoted to 10th grade. 
  • Probation
    The student completes 5 to 6 units and is retained in 9th grade, but moves on to the 10th grade with his/her class.  To fully obtain 10th grade status, the student must successfully complete, with a C or higher, at least 4 classes in the first trimester of 10th grade. If a student does not successfully complete at least 4 classes in the first trimester of 10th grade, he/she will be returned to 9th grade at the beginning of second trimester. 
  • Retention
    The student completes 4.5 units or less and is retained in the 9th grade. 

Each course contains two trimester grades such as U.S. History 9A and 9B. In order to pass the course a student must achieve a 1.5 average on the two grades. Grade values are A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, E=0. 

All required classes in 10th-12th grade must be successfully completed to graduate. 

  • Any required classes failed in 10th grade must be made up during the elective period in 11th grade. 
  • Probation
    Any required classes failed in 10th grade must be made up during the elective period in 11th grade. 
  • Retention
    The student fails all courses and is retained in 10th grade. 

  • Any required classes failed in 11th grade must be made up during the elective period in 12th grade. 
  • Retention 
    The student fails all courses and is retained in 11th grade. 

In order to graduate from City Charter High School students must: 

  • Successfully complete all course requirements 
  • Successfully complete the graduation project 
  • Successfully complete the City High Internship 
  • Achieve PDE standards as measured by the Keystones, New Standards or approved Local Assessment 

Honors Program

Some students thrive on challenging themselves. Which is why City Charter High School offers you the option to achieve a deeper and broader study – beyond the standard curriculum – in Mathematics, English, History and Science. 

Through our honors program, you may take a maximum of 12 Honors Courses between grades 10 –12. Honors credit is given within a course for work over and above the core curriculum and Honors designation is included on the City High student transcript. 

Approximately 30% of City High students participate in the honors program in each subject area.  

National Honor Society 

The National Honor Society recognizes academic achievement, service to the school and community, leadership, character and citizenship. Inducted students are expected to take on leadership roles in the school and community. Criteria for membership has four parts – 

  • Scholarship (3.25 QPA, and at least 1 Honors class) 
  • Character (No suspensions in the current school year, minimum grade B in Workforce in the previous and current trimesters, 5 or less unexcused absences/tardies in the current school year) 
  • Leadership (Recommendation signed off by four grade level teachers) 
  • Service (50 hours of participation in school and out of school service experiences). 

Email for more information.


Since we are located downtown, most students and staff ride public transportation to school. Every student is provided with transportation according to the rules set by their school district of residence. 
Parents who would like additional information on transportation must contact their school district of residence. 

Note: City High does not replace lost bus passes. 

City High Transportation Information  

School Forms


Students must register with their school district of residence. If a student and his/her family move into a new school district, the student must register with the new school district and then inform City High of this change.  Students who are not registered with a school district cannot be admitted into City High.

Families who change their residency information must inform City High. New proofs of residency must be submitted. Students cannot attend City High if the school does not have the new proofs of residency.  Change of address notification forms can be found on the City High webpage and at the main office. This form must be completed and submitted with two (2) proofs of residence for the new address within five (5) days of moving to the new address. 

Change of Address Form

Send completed form to

  • City High Students may play ONE sport per school year for their home school.
  • City High Athletes MUST have a minimum grade of "C" in ALL classes the trimester prior to their sport to be eligible for the early dismissal to participate in an athletic activity at their home school.
  • City High Athletes MUST maintain a minimum grade of "C" during their sport season or they will forfeit the privilege of the early dismissal.
  • Athletic early dismissals are for ONE trimester only.
  • You must contact your home school for information regarding try-outs.
  • City High does NOT provide an Activity Bus.
Complete the Athletic Intent Form and submit to your grade-level principal.


Pittsburgh Public Schools will issue work permits for part-time employment to Pittsburgh Public Schools students, or students who reside within the Pittsburgh city limits and attend a private or charter school. Non-PPS students should check with their local districts.

COVID-19 Update
Since the Pittsburgh Public district administrative location is closed due to COVID-19, please complete this form.  

You will need:

  • A completed form including parent signature
  • Photo of your Birth Certificate, Passport or drivers license (proof of birthdate)
  • Email to with the subject line: Work Permit Request,  Student Name & School. 

Only official transcripts are available through City Charter High School. Each transcript has the signature of the Transition Manager and City Charter High School seal. If multiple transcripts are requested to a single address, they will be packaged together in one envelope. If you require forms attached to the transcripts you must bring in the form or fax it to the Transition Office.

All paper transcripts are mailed within 48 hours of the initial request. Be mindful of this timing and do not request transcripts to be sent in less than 48 hours. It will be mailed via the US Postal Service. Allow 5-7 days for receipt of the transcript.

Once an official transcript has been ordered, it cannot be cancelled.

In accordance with the Federal Privacy Rights of parents and students, the following signed consent is necessary in order for City High Charter School to release student records:
Alumni Transcript Request Form