Our Parents

“I could not be happier with my decision to send my son to City High. My son has some unique behaviors and they were extremely accommodating to his needs. He was never made to feel as an outcast and there was always someone available to listen when he needed it. The assistance they provided to the students in regards to what happens after high school was fantastic.”  --City High parent of 2020-2021

Why Choose City Charter High School?

Quite simply — because your child’s choice of high school can change their life! 

We understand how important your decision is.  City High…
  • Provides a comprehensive approach to learning. 
  • Is structured to know your student as an individual learner
  • Builds relationships and a community of belonging 
  • Uses technology as a tool for learning
  • Provides exposure experiences to colleges and careers 
  • Cultivates student ownership for learning
  • City Charter High School goes beyond the traditional scholastic emphasis  We maintain rigorous academics and we’re intentional about personalizing student learning. This requires a one-on-one approach to find out what your child is good at, how they think, how they study… and, frankly, how we can help them grow as  learners.

City Charter High School takes a somewhat unconventional approach to learning that goes beyond the traditional scholastic emphasis… and we do everything in our power to personalize the learning, so it works for every individual student. 

Sure, we have rigorous academics and focus on technology as a tool for learning. Our mission is to prepare our students to leave academically, technologically, personally and socially prepared to succeed in the modern world – whether they choose college, skills training, or employment. 

This requires a one-on-one approach to find out what your child is good at, how they think, how they study… and, frankly, how we can help them become learners. 

What’s Different about City High?

What to
look for: 

Why this matters: 

Business casual dress code

Builds buy-in to seriousness of school and connection to the future. Students are part of downtown community and prepared to go out on internships and site visits. 

Laptops used as routine learning tool 

Largely paperless environment helps students stay organized and prepares them for the modern workplace. Wireless internet allows fast access to information resources, assignments, and grades. 

Students working in groups 

Project-based learning builds planning, teamwork, and communication skills highly valued by employers. 

Teacher planning time and common work space 

Faculty teach 2 of 3 blocks, leaving them 2.5 hours during the school day for planning, curriculum development, and team collaboration. Teacher professionalism and collaboration is fostered by grade level office space rather than leaving teachers isolated in their classrooms. 

Grade level community by floor 

All grade level classes are on a single floor and students and teachers stay together for four years. This facilitates ownership of the floor and close relationships. 

Interdisciplinary subject blocks 

Linked subjects (for example, English and Social Studies) are team-taught in 2 hour blocks, allowing interdisciplinary exploration of concepts, flexible student grouping, and time for students to engage in project based work. 

Mixed ability classes 

There is no academic tracking at City High. Students of all entering ability levels experience the same rigorous, standards-based curriculum with modifications to access content at various levels.