12th Grade At City High

Senior Year at City High brings many new experiences - our Senior Model, internships, Graduation Project and much more!  Our 12th Grade Students have worked hard to get this far, and we look forward to seeing all of their successes this year and into the future!

12th Grade Senior Model

The 12th Grade Senior Model provides students with the type of experiences they will encounter in college or at a job placement. The 12th Grade Model has the following components:

  • Lecture—(10% of a student’s time throughout the week)
  • Seminars—(40% of a student’s time throughout the week)
  • Study Groups—(20% of a student’s time throughout the week)
  • Independent Work—(30% of a student’s time throughout the week)


The purpose of the Lecture is to introduce the content unit that students will be working on over several weeks. Content teachers give a Lecture each week. The Lecture gives the teacher the opportunity to set long-term goals, to situate the topic within a larger context, and to explain projects and assignments. The Lecture gives the student the opportunity to practice note-taking and to plan for upcoming projects and assignments.


The Seminar is a teacher-directed learning experience. The teacher presents the lesson, gives notes and explains the topic and any related work. Often Seminars are discussions about current work in progress. A student is scheduled into two seminars a week for each of his/her classes. Seminars usually consist of no more than 15 students.


The Study Group is a student-directed learning experience. A Study Group is made up of 2 - 4 students who are in the same academic class and who are working on the same assignment. Students are also allowed to form their own Study Groups.


Every student is assigned into the Independent Work Room (Quiet Room) to complete assignments. Study Groups and Independent Work demand a high level of maturity, planning and hard work.

Students receive a weekly Independent Learning (IL) grade and are expected to:
  • report to the Quiet Room, Seminars, Lectures and Study Group rooms when scheduled
  • work with teachers and staff to develop skills so that they can use their independent time and their Study Group time effectively
  • use the Work Tracker to create timelines for their independent work and to schedule when to work on certain assignments, seek out a teacher, work in a Study Group
  • not disturb others when working in the Quiet Room
  • use all resources (Rounds and Email) effectively in order to complete coursework
  • work collaboratively with other students in Study Groups
  • be prepared for seminars
Students will continue to receive a Workforce grade. Independent Learning grades are weighted 70% IL and 30% Workforce for a total of 100 points per week.


Teachers work with students one-on-one or in small groups during Rounds.


Students keep track of their seminars, lectures, study groups using a Work Tracker.

City High Graduation

City High’s core beliefs highlight human relationships and student voice as foundations of a strong educational community. Our annual graduation ceremony displays these core beliefs in action by putting our graduates at the center of the celebration. Two student emcees lead the ceremony in its entirety, which features three student speakers, performances by the City High Chorus, a student-created Senior Memories video montage, and a keynote address by a faculty member selected by the graduates. The event blends tradition and professionalism while also showcasing each graduating class’s unique personality and City High journey.


This Year's Ceremony

Class of 2024 Graduation:

Saturday, June 22nd, 2024
Soldiers & Sailors Hall, Oakland

Class of 2024 Graduation Emcees:
Jalainta Houser
Jeff Kostelnik 

Class of 2024 Graduation Speakers: 
Becca Boxwell
Kadiatou Kouyate
Marious Chaney

Class of 2024 Graduation Faculty Speaker: 
Mr. Marshall Kohnen, Math Department


Previous Graduation Ceremonies