About City High

“I have found City Charter High to be safe, organized, and academically challenging. One of the most important things an employer looks for in the hiring process is adaptability to change. City High faculty and students never missed a beat when faced with adapting to new learning models during the pandemic.” --City High parent of 2020-2021

Our Mission

City Charter High School is a technology infused public school, whose mission is to graduate students who are academically, technologically, personally and socially prepared to succeed in post-secondary education, training, or employment.

Using a team approach, City High cultivates a safe, supportive and academically rigorous environment by recognizing and nurturing individual talents, needs and skills.

The Six Core Beliefs of City High Are:

1. Connections to the real world.
A career-focused experience convinces students that what they do at City High impacts their future.

2. Continuous challenge.
A curriculum constructed with multiple levels best meets the academic needs of individual students. 

3. Individual responsibility for learning.  
Academic success is dependent on students taking an active role in their learning.

4. Personal academic connections.  
Success relies strongly on each student feeling connected to one or more adults at City High. 

5. Safe and caring environment.  
Essential to active classroom engagement. 

6. Collaboration.  
A student’s ability to collaborate is essential in today’s work environment.

High School Reimagined

From its urban setting in the heart of Pittsburgh’s business community and networked learning environment to the non-traditional approach to teaching, City Charter High School takes high school to the next level. 

Unlike traditional public high schools, this school was created from the ground up with input from the business community on creating the next generation workforce. Here are some of the best practices we use to ensure parents that their children will receive an education that is useful, personalized, relevant and highly effective. 

Unique Structure

Discover what makes our school
stand out.




City Charter High School provides a rich program in technology applications and business, including Applied Technology, Computer Technology, and Multimedia Technology. All students become proficient and often certified in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, digital video, web design html and Java. In addition, students can choose electives in programming, participate in the student-run robotics team or hands on STEM labs.