Moonshot Museum

Not only was Chase the very first intern, but according to Mike Hennessy at Moonshot Museum, "I was looking for someone who was willing to build the rocket ship while we're already flying it."

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City High has a 94% average graduation rate that's consistent across all demographic groups? Start Your Future Today!

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Prepared for life ~ City High provides a Mentored Internship for all students, a four year Technology/Computer Literacy Curriculum along with Life Skills, Financial Literacy and a College & Career Plan.

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Graduation Rate
City High continues to average among the highest in Pennsylvania
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Pittsburgh Promise
Scholarship Eligibility of All Public High Schools in the City of Pittsburgh.
Robotics Team
Student run First Robotics - Another Elective
FREE Laptop Per Student FREE Laptop Per Student
FREE Laptop Per Student
WiFi Classrooms, Full Tech Support
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For More Personalized Learning
Post-High School
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Mentoring Internship
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City High – An Innovative High School with a Proven Formula

Twenty years ago, we researched cutting-edge schools across the country to find the perfect mix of best practices with one goal: to graduate students ready for life.

Our curriculum is rigorous and relevant to the modern world. Furthermore, career-mapping, workforce skills literacy and mentored internships ensure our students graduate tech-savvy, college and career ready.

Today, this unique educational model continues to prove itself.  With free* laptops, year-round classes, a low student/teacher ratio, and focus on college and career readiness, City High averages a 94% graduation rate – across all demographic groups. 

Find out how you can become tech-savvy and well prepared for the challenges of college, career… and life. 


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A Unique Place... by Design


Technology was a founding principle at City High. We recognized early on, the importance of emerging technology as a learning tool as well as a vital skill for the modern workplace. So we make sure that in addition to FREE* laptops, our students also get the software skills training and certifications to prepare them for their future.

Technology Infused Education

A career-focused experience convinces students that what they do at City High impacts their future. So, all graduates complete a 13-week Mentored Internship to explore a potential career and get a taste of the real work environment. But before they go out into the business world, we arm them with business orientation skills, like time-management, collaboration and an overall professional work ethic. 

Mentored Internship
City High teachers “loop” with the same students over all 4 years, so our students really get to know their teachers... and vice versa. This results in a more personalized teaching approach. More importantly, it gives us better insight into each child’s individual learning style and pitfalls, so we can adapt to make sure every child stays engaged and learns to the best of their ability.
Teacher Looping

Interdisciplinary, project-based learning sets City High apart. Our students are not just taught facts and information, but how to teach themselves and collaborate with others to learn. Their studies focus on Cultural Literacy, Information Literacy, Scientific Literacy and Workskills & Financial Literacy, which collectively prepare them with the skills needed to become 21st century learners. 


City High uses a unique Trimester school year: three 62-class day sessions with month-long Winter, Spring and Summer breaks. Our students grow to love these well-placed breaks from class. And since the material from the previous session is still fresh, they don’t need to start over in a particular study area when the break is over. 

Year-round Learning

From its inception, City High has offered FREE* Laptops, software training and certification, and tech support to keep students connected. They check and submit assignments online – often communicate with teachers and each other through email, Google Meet, text and phone. Our students regularly use Google Classroom – creating a “virtual classroom” so they can learn wherever they are. 

Distance Learning Preparedness

Using innovations like career mapping, goal setting, peer sharing, mentored internships, and resumé & mock job Interview classes, City High students are well prepared for the their place in the world after high school. To facilitate success, they are supported by a dedicated Post-High School Planning Team.

College & Career Planning

In addition to traditional areas of learning (like STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), students are exposed to life-skills, including Financial Literacy, independent study and teamwork and learn soft skills like discipline, patience, concentration, and listening to take with them, no matter what they do in life. 

Life Skills

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Student Spotlights

About Moonshot Museum and Astrobotic

Moonshot Museum is Pennsylvania's first-ever space museum and the first museum in the world to focus on career and community readiness for the 21st century space industry. Via a unique partnership with Pittsburgh space robotics company Astrobotic...

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City High in the News

City High student Chase Venturino explores uncharted territory during one-of-a-kind internship.

Talk about an internship that's truly out of this world! Space exploration had always fascinated City High Senior Chase Venturino. So when the opportunity came along to do his internship at a museum dedicated to the 21st century space industry, the moon in particular, he was pretty stoked. The on

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17 Nov 2022, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Family Literacy Night

201 Stanwix St., Suite 100, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
We invite you to join us for a fun-filled night of literacy-based free activities, food, giveaways and of course BOOKS! Our featured guest author is Dominique Briggs, a former City High teacher and now a local writer, actor and director.
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City High graduates leave with a competitive edge in college, work and life.

Our daughter just graduated from City Charter this past June 2022. We selected the school for its smaller classes, overall kind environment, and a curriculum geared toward producing well prepared, marketable students upon graduation. By all accounts, City Charter exceeded all expectations. Over the past four years, she learned how to write essays, take good notes, and become proficient in Microsoft Office. Perhaps most importantly, she learned how to study. She is excited and prepared for college, and I firmly believe this is due to the City High educators. We are very grateful for the City High experience. CITY HIGH PARENT CLASS OF 2022
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Hands-on STEM labs, student-run Robotics team, Programming electives, Anatomy & Physiology labs, college-credit classes, Adobe and Microsoft certifications, social clubs, musical theater, on-site fitness, dances, cultural field trips… and so much more!