Unique by Design

There's No Place Quite like City High

City Charter High School is technology based, college/career focused. It’s a completely unique high school concept that uses innovative best practices to keep kids engaged and learning so they leave prepared for whatever life has in store for them. 
  • Our students are tech savvy  (handy for distance learning)
  • Our students are safe and engaged through personalized teaching and strong relationships 
  • Our students learn how to collaborate and also work independently 
  • Our students are prepared for the real world 

Free Laptops/WiFi Classrooms

Technology was a founding principle at City Charter High School. We recognized early on, the importance of emerging technology as a routine learning tool as well as a vital skill for the modern workplace. So we make sure that in addition to FREE* laptops, our students also get the software skills training and certifications to prepare them for their future. Wireless Internet allows fast access to information resources, assignments, and grades. Learn why technology is essential to learning - Best Practices

Year-round Learning 

City Charter High School uses a unique Trimester school year: three 62-class day sessions with month-long Winter, Spring and Summer breaks. Our students grow to love these well-placed breaks from class. And since the material from the previous session is still fresh, they don’t need to start over in a particular study area when the break is over. 

Teacher Looping

City Charter High School teachers “loop” with the same students over all 4 years, so our students really get to know their teachers... and vice versa. This results in a more personalized teaching approach. More importantly, it gives us better insight into each child’s individual learning style and pitfalls, so we can adapt to make sure every child learns to the best of their ability.
Learn more about Looping - Best Practices

Professional Attire

City High prepares students for life after high school. One important aspect of this is the standard of professional and appropriate dress.  City High students are expected to present themselves in business casual dress. This standard is important as it builds buy-in to the seriousness of school and connection to the future. Students are part of the Downtown community and should be prepared to go out on internships and site visits. 

Learn more about our Professional Dress Code

Individual Class Floors

In addition to looping students and teachers together all four years, we place each grade level classes on a single floor. This facilitates ownership of the floor and builds close relationships needed for project-based learning. As students work in groups, it helps them learn planning, teamwork, and communication skills highly valued by employers. 

Senior Model

Unlike traditional high schools, the 12th grade at City Charter High School is when things get really interesting. It’s more like college. Seniors take on more responsibility for their education. There is a separate wing for seniors, complete with private study workstations. Seniors still have the support network the school offers, but they are expected to spend more time working independently and taking ownership of their own schedule.

This includes: 

  • Seminars 
  • Lectures 
  • Study Groups 
  • Independent Learning 

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The Senior Wing

Every senior receives a private study workstation to return to as they begin to independently negotiate from study groups and research at the school, to their internship and college class schedules outside of City High's classrooms.