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Learn more about the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Learn more about the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

From L to R: Stan J. Wischnowski, Executive Editor and Vice President, and Thandi Weaver City Charter High School Senior at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has served the Pittsburgh community, its readers and advertisers as the region’s indispensable source of news, advertising and information for more than two centuries.

An internship at the Post-Gazette is highly coveted by Journalism students nationally, As part of its commitment to the community, the Post-Gazette also sets aside internship slots for college students at local universities. City Charter High School in downtown Pittsburgh is proud to be included in this roster as the only participating high school, with special thanks to Ms. Linda Parker, administrative assistant to the Editors. She is instrumental in carving out these rotational experiences for City High interns and overseeing this exceptional program.

When asked about the program, executive editor of the Post-Gazette Stan Wischnowski, a highly-respected individual in the journalism and newspaper industry, had this to say, “I feel like it’s one of the better ones in the country. It’s not just me saying this. It’s judging by the quality of the resumes that come in.”

Before joining the Post-Gazette, Mr. Wischnowski was the executive editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, where he was very involved in the Acel Moore High School Journalism Workshop, a hands-on program introducing Philadelphia-area high school students to the fields of print, digital journalism, and photography.

The City High internship reminds him of the Philadelphia program. “It’s such a good proof of concept. It works…. especially as City High does a lot of skills development before sending students out [into our newsroom]. They are very selective.”

A strong supporter of the internship program, Mr. Wischnowski explains some of the benefits. “The first thing apparent for certain is the cross pollination that goes on … some of that knowledge is passed on just by osmosis, by listening and seeing. These kinds of programs and this one in particular, allows young people to work with a seasoned professional. But perhaps, the underrated piece of this is that we learn as much from the students as they learn from us.”