Livestream Distance Learning

Discover what we've known all along... technology is essential to learning.

With its commitment to technology and networked learning environment, City Charter High School is well ahead of most schools on the technology front. Our incoming Freshmen receive a Free laptop at the beginning of the school year, but more importantly, they also get vital training on how to harness the power of this learning tool. Our technology curriculum teaches them to take notes, communicate with teachers and each other, check assignments and submit homework online, to participate in virtual classrooms, do research online, create presentations like PowerPoint, and to get certification from Microsoft and Adobe, which they can take with them into the workplace.  

City High students are tech savvy, which is ideal for these unusual times.  

Synchronized Live-streaming Classrooms

In addition to City High’s technology emphasis, City High is all about keeping kids engaged… and learning. So, even while students are learning remotely, we want to ensure access to their teachers, counselors and classmates. Our livestream, interactive classrooms will enhance teacher/student continuity, allowing us to keep students and teachers looped together all 4 years. It is key to our personalized approach to education, which helps them build connections to each other, even while physically apart.  

Trimester 2 Distance Learning


When students revisit the school, they will notice many changes. City Charter High School has made an investment in safety from the deadly virus by implementing all CDC suggested measures: 

  • Touchless Infrared Temperature Scans 
  • Mandatory Mask Wearing 
  • Sanitizing Stations 
  • New Daily Cleaning Protocols 
  • Ventilation Upgrades 
  • Bi-weekly Electrostatic Cleaning of Floors 
  • Weekly Electrostatic Cleaning of the Entire School 
  • Separate Entrances and Exits 
  • One-way Hallways 
  • 6-ft. Spacing around Desks 
  • Plexiglas Barriers in Designated Areas 
  • Other Physical Distancing Practices throughout the School 

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