Personalized Education

A Personalized Approach to Learning

City Charter High School is unlike any other high school around. It is a place where students are cared for and known as individuals and learners. Relationships matter and City High’s school model is designed to prioritize relationships. 

Low Student: Teacher Ratio 

City Charter High School is nationally recognized for its unique approach that keeps students engaged… and learning. With its very low student/ teacher ratio – 1 teacher for every 10 students –City High’s students get more personalized attention. 

Teacher Continuity

City High teachers “loop” with the same students over all 4 years, so our students really get to know their teachers... and vice versa. This results in a more personalized teaching approach. More importantly, it gives us better insight into each child’s individual learning style and pitfalls, so we can adapt to make sure every child learns to the best of their ability. 

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College & Career Planning 

At City High, every student is assigned a Transition Manager to facilitate post-high school success by helping students identify a viable career path, determining its educational and skill requirements, and taking concrete steps to plan along that path while they are still in high school.  

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All students are exposed to:

  • Career exploration  
  • College and career mapping, individualized for their interest and skillsets
  • College and career field tours
  • Industry speaker presentations based on students’ career interests
  • Professional guidance to help review transcripts and set goals for grade requirements needed to be accepted into their dream college or trade school
  • Weekly career counselor meetings, includes college or trade applications, as well as financial aid review, help and discussions
  • A Post-High School Transition Team to help them create and implement their success plan

Mixed Ability Classrooms

We have a full-inclusion policy, meaning students with learning disabilities are not segregated from their classmates, but work – and thrive – alongside their peers. Learning Support teachers provide in-classroom support for them to ensure the core curriculum and all other key educational opportunities are within their reach. 

Students with disabilities are admitted to City Charter High School on the same basis as all other students. All special education services and programs are offered to students of City Charter High School at no expense to the family. 

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Student Engagement

One of the biggest challenges of any high school these days is to make school relevant. At City Charter High School, we think we have developed the curriculum that students will find valuable and useful as they find their place in the world. 

If kids aren’t engaged in school, the lessons are lost.  So we have developed a few techniques to keep them interested… keep them learning.

Here are a few ways we keep students engaged:

It’s a wired world they live in now and will be working in after high school

Developing skills they will need in the workplace 

Learning teamwork and gaining exposure to new possibilities 

There’s something for everybody: Programming, Robotics, Music, Dance, Hands-on STEM labs, Video Production, Musical Theater, Animation… even College Classes

Trying out a career and getting valuable exposure to the business world 

Parental Involvement

Parental support is vital to helping us build independent learners. So, parents will have access to core parts of our Google Classroom platform to see what’s going on, keep up to date on what students are learning, check on assignments and be involved in their child’s education. 
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