Support Services

Learning Support 

We understand that not all students learn the same way. So, in addition to our very low student: teacher ratio that allows more time to be spent with each child, we provide in-classroom learning support so that students with learning difficulties are never subject to discrimination from being segregated from their classmates. Support teachers help to ensure the core curriculum and all other key educational opportunities are within their reach. We also screen regularly to help identify potential learning issues and create an individualized education program (IEPs) for students who require them.

Download—City Charter High School Title I Funding Letter 2020-2021

Students with disabilities

Support services are available at City High for students with disabilities.

To Learn more, Download a PDF of the 2020-2021 Student Handbook and visit page 42. 

City Charter High School does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, national or ethnic origin, gender or handicap in employment practices or in the administration of any of their educational programs and activities in accordance with applicable federal statues and regulations.

The annual public and parent notice/child find can be located on the school’s website and in the Student Handbook.  Parents are provided within this information on a yearly basis at the orientation or within the general school mailing at the beginning of the school year.

Any questions regarding the content of this notice may be referred to the following school contact: City Charter High School- Joshua Hanna, Coordinator of Special Education; 201 Stanwix Street, Suite 100, Pittsburgh, PA 1522; 412-690-2489.

Homeless Family Support

If you and your child are homeless and lack a fixed residence or a regular residence to call home, your child may qualify for additional support and considerations please contact:  Ms. Jocelyn Zuniga, LPC Counselor at (412) 690-2489 vm ext.123 or email at  to discuss your family/child’s situation and see how we can help. All discussions are confidential.


For additional information:

Families in temporary or inadequate living situations due to a loss of housing may have children who might be eligible for certain educational rights and services.  For further assistance, contact City Charter High School’s Homeless Liaison, Jocelyn Zuniga, 412-690-2489.  Additional information can be obtained from Nicole Anderson, Regional Director, Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homeless Program, Allegheny Intermediate Unit 3, 475 East Waterfront Drive, Homestead, PA  15120 or 412-394-5894 or