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Whiter Paper |  City High-Looping

Whiter Paper | City High-Looping

From the Student perspective

(GRADUATING SENIOR)…When I started 9th grade and heard we would have these same teachers until we graduated, I was like ‘Are you serious? This is going to kill me. I can’t take some of these people another year.’ But now I think ‘I really understand where the teacher is coming from and I try to relate to them the way they are relating to me.’ I thought I would get sick of seeing the same people every day. Now I think it is helping me learn better because my teachers know who I am.

The main thing is, it is easier to get help and guidance when you really know them. It makes it easier to learn. Asking for help is the big thing. You just don’t think twice—you are not scared what they might say or if they might think you are dumb. Presenting in front of the class used to scare me more than anything in the world. Now I was a little jittery but I am just so used to these students and teachers, it is much more comfortable. In the 9th grade my heart would beat so fast and I wouldn’t know what to say but now I trust no one is going to make fun of me. They know me. They are actually interested in what I am going to say. Now with teachers, I can be joked with. I never really had that with adults before. It used to bother me when a teacher would joke with me—it would make me scared to talk to them. Now it makes me want to work harder, like they are teasing me because they want to push me a little, because they care that I am going to do well.

Trimester 3 Dress Code

Trimester 3 Dress Code

The Dress Code at City Charter High School is professioinal.
Dress code begins at the front door. Students must arrive and depart in the appropriate attire.

Parent Conference Grade 11 Feb 2023

Parent Conference Grade 10 Feb 2023

Community Opportunities Winter 2022