Graduation Requirements

You’ll Leave City High with a Gameplan…and Much More

What happens when high school is over? We want you to be as prepared as possible for your future… whether it’s college or trade school, a job, an apprenticeship, the military…  

With our career focus, you’ll quickly learn that what you do at City Charter High School impacts your future. Not only do we help you see the real life applications of your studies, you’ll also gain valuable skills that will serve you well, wherever life leads you.  

A Real-World Internship 

An internship is a great resume builder. It is also the best way to get first-hand exposure before committing to a career direction. At City Charter High School, every student gets to try out a career, with a business professional as your mentor. 

To prepare you for your 13-week internship, we help you pick up workforce skills in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades. You’ll learn things like time-management, what to expect in the workplace, the importance of attendance and an overall professional work ethic among other things. 

Best of all, our mentored internship lets you decide if your career choice is what you really want to do in life. 

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Graduation Project

As a requirement for graduation, the Graduation Project brings together many of the skills learned over your 4 years at City Charter High School. Things like independent research, writing, problem solving and decision-making.  

You will propose and design an independent, personalized learning project in an area that interests you in particular. You will be expected to exhibit your initiative and do a deep exploration of the topic, including in-depth research and active engagement in a real-world experience.  

The following components are required for project completion: 

  • Independent Learning (IL) Component (IL Grade, Final Reflection) 
  • Research Component (Junior Year Grade) 
  • Written Component (Literature Review) 
  • Action Project Component 
  • Tangible (End-Product) Component 
  • Presentation Component (Electronic Presentation or Academic Poster) 

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A College/Career Plan

We help you figure out what you’re good at and what you want to do in the real world. And we have an entire team dedicated to getting you where you want to be. Our Transition Managers/Counselors work with you to map out your future starting on day 1 in your Freshman year.  

Here are some of the innovations we use to get you prepared for the real world: 

  • College/career goal setting and mapping, individualized for your interest and skillsets 
  • Career exploration: industry speakers and peers sharing career insights 
  • College and career field tours 
  • Mentored internships at an area business to explore a potential career choice 
  • Résumé and mock job interview classes 
  • Professional guidance reviewing transcripts and setting goals for grade requirements needed to be accepted into your dream college or trade school 
  • Weekly career counselor meetings, includes college or trade applications, as well as financial aid review, help and discussions 

Mad Computer Skills

City Charter High School is a technology infused school. It touches everything you do.  

Not only do we give you a free laptop at the beginning of freshman year, but we also provide the skills training so you can take advantage of this tool for learning. 

Because of our networked structure, your laptop becomes the primary tool to do work, communicate and manage information. You’ll get really good in your computer skills and can even get certified in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver. 

In addition, you may choose to explore advanced electives in programming, exploring digital video, web design, html and Java.   

What’s more, all these skills go with you – to the workplace or to college. 

Attendance, the foundation of student success

City High wants you to succeed. Attendance is the foundation for academic and workskills success during your time at City High and when you step out into the real-world.

Why Attendance Matters: 

  • Academic success
  • Internship success
  • Students must maintain an attendance record of 90% to qualify for The Pittsburgh Promise
  • An Important workskills habit for college and career success