Student Policies

Student Policies/Acceptable Behavior at City Charter High School

As school policies and procedures are modified and revised, this information may change. Any policy changes will be distributed to all students and parents/guardians prior to their implementation date. Students are responsible for keeping up with any school policy changes sent to them and reviewed with them.  


COVID-19 Health/Safety Protocols

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, City High, like many local schools throughout the country, has modified its educational model. We will provide a high quality educational experience with modifications that also meet health and safety reopening requirements outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).



Attendance and punctuality are keys to academic success as well as success in the workplace. Students must be at school on time and engaged in learning. City Charter High School complies with all aspects of the Pennsylvania Code regarding student attendance.  Students will fail any course in which they accrue more than seven absences per trimester. 

During the course of the trimester, students are expected to make up their assignments following an absence. Students will be held to the following standards for attendance during the first trimester for in-person instruction. This policy applies to all absences that are NOT excused:  

  • At eight (8) or more unexcused absences, a student's grade will drop a grade level.  
  • Excused absences include: Medical/doctor's notes and bereavement absences are counted as excused. Parent notes for COVID-19-related absences are also considered excused. All other parent notes are counted as unexcused absences. They qualify as valid excuses for truancy and magisterial proceedings, but not within City High’s attendance policy.  
  • Please note that a doctor’s excuse for an appointment does not excuse the day unless so stated in the excuse. A 2:00 p.m. appointment does not excuse the morning and a 9:00 appointment does not excuse the afternoon. 
  • An unexcused absence is defined as a missed day of school that is not covered by a doctor’s note or bereavement and is not due to COVID illness or quarantine.  
In order for the CEO/ Principal to consider extenuating circumstances regarding the attendance policy, the parent must provide documentation pertaining to the absences. This documentation may require a signed note from a doctor or other professional depending on the circumstances.   

If a student is absent, parents must provide an excuse within three (3) school days or the absence remains Unexcused.  

Acceptable Use of Technology

The purpose of this policy is to set forth policies and guidelines for access to the City Charter High School network and computer system as well as acceptable and safe use of the Internet, including electronic communications.  

General Statement of Policy

In making decisions regarding student and employee access to the network and computer system and the Internet, including electronic communications, City High considers its own stated educational mission, goals, and objectives. Electronic information research skills are now fundamental to preparation of citizens and future employees. Access to the school’s network and computer system and to the Internet enables students and employees to explore online libraries, databases, bulletin boards, and other resources while exchanging messages with people around the world. City High expects that faculty will blend thoughtful use of school network/computer systems and the Internet throughout the curriculum and will provide guidance and instruction to students in their use.  

Limited Educational Purpose

City High is providing students and employees with access to the network/computer system, which includes Internet access as well as various software packages. The purpose of the system is more specific than providing students and employees with general access to the Internet. The school computing technology system has a limited educational purpose, which includes use of computing technology for classroom activities, educational research, and professional or career development activities. Users are expected to utilize computers, network and Internet access to further educational and personal goals consistent with the mission of City High and school policies. Any other activity, which might be acceptable on a user’s private personal account on another system, may not be acceptable on this limited-purpose educational network.  

Use of System Is a Privilege

The use of City High computing technology and access to use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right. Depending on the nature and degree of the violation and the number of previous violations, unacceptable use of City High computing technology and/or the Internet may result in one or more of the following consequences: suspension or cancellation of use or access privileges; payments for damages and repairs; discipline under other appropriate school policies, including suspension, expulsion, exclusion or termination of employment; or civil or criminal liability under other applicable laws.  

City High Email

Everyone using a City High email address ( is required to use their own picture or the system default.  

Unacceptable Uses of Technology

The following uses of City High computing technology and Internet resources or accounts are considered unacceptable:  

  1. Users will not use school computing technology resources to access, review, upload, download, store, print, post, receive, transmit or distribute: 
  • Pornographic, obscene or sexually explicit material or other visual depictions that are harmful to minors;  
  • Obscene, abusive, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, disrespectful, or sexually explicit language;  
  • Materials that use language or images that are inappropriate in the education setting or disruptive to the educational process;  
  • Information or materials that could cause damage or danger of disruption to the educational process;  
  • Materials that use language or images that advocate violence or discrimination toward other people (hate literature) or that may constitute harassment or discrimination;  
  • All staff, all student or all school emails without express permission of a staff member.  
  1. Users will not use City High computing technology resources to knowingly or recklessly post, transmit or distribute false or defamatory information about a person or organization, or to harass another person, or to engage in personal attacks, including prejudicial or discriminatory attacks.  
  2. Users will not use City High computing technology resources to engage in any illegal act or violate any local, state or federal statute or law.  
  3. Users will not use City High computing technology resources to vandalize, damage or disable the property of another person or organization, will not make deliberate attempts to degrade or disrupt equipment, software or system performance by spreading computer viruses or by any other means, will not tamper with, modify or change the computing technology resources such as software, hardware or wiring or take any action to violate the school security system, and will not use City High computing technology resources in such a way as to disrupt the use of the system by others.  
  4. Users will not use City High computing technology resources to gain unauthorized access to information resources or to access another person’s materials, information or files without the direct permission of that person. 
  5. Users will not use City High computing technology resources to post private information about another person, personal contact information about themselves or other persons, or other personally identifiable information, including, but not limited to, addresses, telephone numbers, identification numbers, account numbers, access codes or passwords, photographs or other information that would make the individual’s identity traceable, and will not repost a message that was sent to the user privately without permission of the person who sent the message. These prohibitions specifically prohibit a user from utilizing City High computing technology resources to post personal information about a user or another individual on social networks. 
  6. Users will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to City High computing technology resources or any other system, attempt to log in through another person’s account, or use computer accounts, access codes or network identification other than those assigned to the user. Messages and records on City High computing technology resources may not be encrypted without the permission of appropriate school authorities.  
  7. Users will not use City High computing technology resources to violate copyright laws or usage licensing agreements, or otherwise to use another person’s property without the person’s prior approval or proper citation, including the downloading or exchanging of pirated software or copying software to or from any school computer, and will not plagiarize works they find on the Internet.  
  8. Users will not use City High computing technology resources for conducting business, for unauthorized commercial purposes or for financial gain unrelated to the mission of City High.  
  9. Users will not use City High computing technology resources to offer or provide goods or services or for product advertisement.  
  10. Users will not use City High computing technology resources to purchase goods or services for personal use without authorization from the appropriate school official.  

A student or employee engaging in the foregoing unacceptable uses of computing technology resources and/or of the Internet when off school premises may be in violation of this policy as well as other school policies. Examples of such violations include, but are not limited to, situations where City High computing technology resources are compromised or if a school employee or student is negatively impacted. If City High receives a report of an unacceptable use originating from a non-school computer or resource, City High may investigate such reports to the best of its ability. Students or employees may be subject to disciplinary action for such conduct, including, but not limited to, suspension or cancellation of the use or access to City High computing technology resources and the Internet and discipline under other appropriate school policies, including suspension, expulsion, exclusion, or termination of employment.  

Internet Filtering

With respect to any school owned device with Internet access via the school’s network or use of computing technology resources on an outside network, the school can monitor the online activities of both minors and adults and will employ technology protection measures during any use of such computers by minors and adults. The technology protection measures utilized are considered reasonable attempts to block or filter Internet access while at school and/or off school property (using school computers) to any visual depictions or web sites that are not considered appropriate for the school’s educational mission and goals. The technology protection measures may also be applied to computing technology devices not owned by the school, but given permission for use on the school networks.  

Consistency With Other School Policies

Use of City High computing technology resources and use of the Internet shall be consistent with school policies and the mission of City High.  

Limited Expectation of Privacy

  1. By authorizing use of City High computing technology resources, City High does not relinquish control over materials on the system or contained in files on the system. Users should expect only limited privacy in the contents of personal files on City High system.  
  2. Routine maintenance and monitoring of City High computing technology resources may lead to a discovery that a user has violated this policy, another school policy, or the law.  
  3. An individual investigation or search will be conducted if school authorities have a reasonable suspicion that the search will uncover a violation of law or school policy.  
  4. Parents have the right at any time to investigate or review the contents of their child’s files and e-mail files. 
  5. School employees should be aware that City High retains the right to investigate or review the contents of their school social networking accounts, school web sites, text messages, files, data and other materials in files and e-mail files that are generated using school accounts and/or school computing technology resources.  
  6. City High will cooperate fully with local, state and federal authorities in any investigation concerning or related to any illegal activities or activities not in compliance with school policies conducted through City High computing technology resources.  

Limitation On School Liability

Use of City High computing technology resources is at the user’s own risk. The system is provided on an "as is, as available" basis. City High will not be responsible for any damage users may suffer, including, but not limited to, loss, damage or unavailability of data stored on school owned diskettes, tapes, hard drives or servers, or for delays or changes in or interruptions of service or non-deliveries of information or materials, regardless of the cause. City High is not responsible for damaged, lost, or unobtainable data stored on non-school owned, personal storage devices such as thumb drives, flash drives, USB hard drives, etc. City High will not be responsible for financial obligations arising through unauthorized use of the computing technology resources or the Internet.  

Parent Responsibility

Outside of school, parents bear responsibility for the same guidance of Internet use as they exercise with information sources such as television, telephones, radio, movies and other possibly offensive media. Parents are responsible for monitoring their student’s use of City High computing technology resources (such as student laptops) and of the Internet if the student is accessing the school system from home or a remote location. Parents will be notified that their students will be using school resources/accounts to access the Internet.  

Anti-Bullying Policy

The City Charter High School Bullying Policy Committee (“the committee”) reviews this policy annually to maintain a Bullying Policy which ensures the safety of the student population and provides consequences to deter hazing and threatening behaviors which are inconsistent with the educational goals of the school.  

For the purposes of the City Charter High School policy, bullying is defined as:  

  • The willful act of repeatedly victimizing a student by negative actions that attempt or intentionally cause injury or physical, emotional or mental discomfort; and/or  
  • Physical contact, assault, name calling, threats, pranks and taunting directed at a student by a single student or a group; and/or  
  • Spreading rumors and engaging in any form of electronic bullying (which includes but is not limited to texting, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and email); and/or  
  • Placing a student in reasonable fear of damage to or loss of personal property; and/or  
  • Any form of intimidation  
  • Any form of hazing is a violation. Hazing is any action which recklessly or intentionally endangers the health or safety of the student for the purpose or initiation or admission into or affiliation with any class or organization of City Charter High School. Hazing shall include, but not be limited to, physical activity, forced consumption of foods or liquids or any other forced activity which could adversely affect the health or safety of the student or subject the student to mental stress or embarrassment.  

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying, which is sometimes referred to as online social cruelty or electronic bullying, involves but is not limited to:  

Sending mean, vulgar or threatening messages or images; posting sensitive, private information about another person; pretending to be someone else in order to make that person look bad; intentionally excluding someone from an online group (Willard, 2005).  

Cyber bullying can occur through:  

  • Emails  
  • Instant messaging,  
  • Text or digital imaging messages sent on cell phones, Web pages,  
  • Web logs (blogs),  
  • Chat rooms or discussion groups, and  
  • Other information communication technologies  

The school zone which is covered under this policy includes acts of bullying which occur in school or outside of school (during a school sponsored event/activity or before and after the school day while a student is in transit to or from the school).  
Any act of bullying is a violation of the Code of Conduct and is subject to consequences defined by the law and City Charter High School Code of Conduct.  

The following consequences apply strictly to isolated acts of bullying which do not involve physical harm, stalking, emotional distress or damage to personal property. (Due to the severity, consequences for acts of bullying of this magnitude will be dealt with by administration and may involve law enforcement.)  

  • First Offense – Student is warned and parent is notified.  
  • Second Offense – Student is suspended for three (3) days  
  • Third Offense – Student is suspended for ten (10) days  
  • Fourth Offense – Recommendation to the Board for expulsion  

Consequences for acts of bullying may include any of the following:  

  • Student Mediation  
  • Parent Conference  
  • Out of School Suspension  
  • Referral to Law Enforcement  
  • Referral to Children, Youth and Families  
  • Recommendation for Expulsion  

Parents should also be aware that after a full investigation by the administration some incidents may be categorized as child on child abuse as described in Child Protective Laws. Suspected child on child abuse includes a child who is assaulted, sexually harassed, bullied or any other violation that represents abuse anytime, anywhere before, during and after school. The Pittsburgh police and CHILDLINE will be contacted in those instances. This is in addition to any school discipline and/or charges filed with the local magistrate. The school is required to cooperate with all investigations.  

Annual reports of bullying incidents will be maintained by School Security. 

Athletic Participation

City Charter High School students may play one sport season per year at their home school and the following rules apply:  

  • Students must submit an Athletic Intent Form to Administration by June 30th. Submission of late forms may prohibit students from being placed on the appropriate grade level team for participation in their desired sport.  
  • Eligible students must have consistent and regular attendance (no more than 7 absences) and a minimum grade of C in all courses the trimester before playing the sport. Students are required to maintain passing grades and consistent attendance throughout the season.  
  • During the trimester of their sport:  
    • Students in grades 9 and 10 are assigned to Tech Apps and will be required to meet with the instructor and complete several independent assignments; 
    • Students in grades 11 are assigned to a Fitness elective; 
    • Students in grade 12 are given a schedule of six (6) courses which does not include sections meeting during the last block. 
    • Eleventh and Twelfth grade athletes cannot play a sport during the trimester they are scheduled for an internship  
  • Eligible students will be granted early dismissals at 2:30 p.m. during the trimester of their season. Students are NOT exempt from coursework and are required to complete all assignments, projects and exams within three (3) days. Exams must be made up during lunch or advisory or after-school.  
  • Early dismissals over two trimesters are not permitted and will not be granted for conditioning, pre and post season activities. However, eligible students may receive up to three (3) excused absences for preliminary activities associated with their sport (try-outs, team picture, uniform fitting, etc.) in the trimester preceding their sport season.  
  • Grades will be checked every three weeks. Failing grades, declining attendance and/or behavior will be reported to the coach immediately. City High reserves the right to suspend early dismissals for participation in the athletic program if grades decline.  
  • At the end of the season, ninth and tenth grade students will join their Technology class, students in grades 11 will join a physical education elective, and students in grade 12 will remain in the Quiet Room. This also applies to students who forfeit the privilege of early dismissals due to a decline in grades or inconsistent attendance. Students who do not attend the assigned class will receive a failing grade of ‘E’. Students who refuse to comply will also forfeit the privilege of participating in an interscholastic activity the following year.  

Athletic Intent Forms are in the Main Office and can be accessible via Mr. Lyons (  

Code of Conduct 

Post-Secondary Colleges/Universities, Certification/Training Programs and Employers demand individuals who are honest and ethical. City High Students are expected to model a high level of ethical conduct as they complete daily school work, homework, complete tests and projects. City High defines plagiarism and cheating as copying and utilizing three or more words of another person’s work as their own. 

Students shall

  • Not knowingly cheat on assignments or tests. 
  • Not tamper with grade books or computer files. 
  • Not plagiarize – copying or using another’s ideas, concepts, facts, and/or words as though they were their own. 
  • Not provide others with answers or completed assignments. 
  • Adhere to the school’s Appropriate Use of Technology Policy. 

Please refer to the Grading Procedures section of the handbook for detailed information on grading in the event that an assignment or assessment is plagiarized. 


Each guest MUST present an ID which indicates his or her name, and must have an approved Guest Form on file for entry. City Charter High School students and their guests must enter the dance at the same time. Once students/guests leave the dance, re-entry to the dance is not permitted. Students and guests may not enter the dance forty-five (45) minutes after the start time.  

Dance tickets are nontransferable and nonrefundable. This means the person buying the ticket is the person who attends the dance. No refunds will be given if a student arrives late or is directed to leave before the end of the dance.  

Inappropriate dress (as determined by City Charter High School Administration) may result in non-admittance to the dance. Extremely brief garments are not appropriate. No dress, skirt, pant or shirt should be so short as to show undergarments while seated or standing. Inappropriate items include, but are not limited to the following: bare midriff tops, see-through garments, low cut garments showing cleavage or any clothing that reveals undergarments. Acceptable attire for each dance is included with the permission form and may also be found in the Code of Student Conduct.  

The City Charter High School Administration, Security and Staff reserve the right to search students and their possessions prior to entering the venue of any extra-curricular activity. Items that do not violate City Charter High School policies will be returned at the end of the dance.  

Dancing must be respectful at all times. Dancing in a suggestive or explicit manner will not be tolerated. Dancing styles that involve intimate touching of your dance partner or that resemble sexual activity are NOT allowed. When dancing back to front, all dancers must remain upright – no squatting or bending is allowed. Students dancing inappropriately (see above) will be directed to leave the dance floor immediately. If inappropriate dancing (as determined by City Charter High School Administration, Security and Staff) continues, students will be asked to leave the dance and their parent or guardian will be notified. Students and guests violating this policy will not be permitted to attend future dances.  

Dress Code

City Charter High School students are expected to present themselves in business casual dress. This standard is important because it says you are serious about the work you do and your connection to the future. As you will be part of downtown community, your professional attire will prepare you to go out on internships and site visits. 

Learn more about our Professional Dress Code

Dress Code Updates
The City Charter High School dress code begins at the front door. Students must arrive and depart in the appropriate attire. The changing of clothes in the lobby, stairwell, elevators and in the school restrooms is prohibited and is a violation of the Code of Conduct. However, students may change shoes at their locker.  

The Dress Code at City Charter High School is professional. It also applies to haircuts, hair coloring, hair pieces, make-up, jewelry, accessories, visible tattoos and facial piercings. The Dress Code excludes attire that has any type of logo, text, political statement or branding. This restriction applies to buttons, pins or any other type of jewelry, clothing or paraphernalia.  

The Dress Code applies at all school related activities and remains in effect when students participate in field experiences, Internships, college visits, classes at partner institutions and programs/activities incorporated into the school schedule. The Dress Code only changes on days when students participate in special field trips that require ‘dress down’ attire, which includes jeans and casual attire. All clothing should cover all core body parts. Clothing with explicit writing beyond clothing logos is not permissible. Examples of these trips are Laurel Caverns, Camp Kon-O- Kwee and Ohio Pyle.  

Students who do not comply with the Dress Code will be sent home to change into appropriate clothing and then return to school. Students who are sent home for Dress Code violations are marked Absent, Unexcused from the classes missed.  

City Charter High School sponsors a fall dance, semi-formal dance (Snowball) in the winter and a formal dance (Prom) in the spring. All of these events have a special dress code requirement, which must be followed in order to attend the event.  

At various times throughout the year, students are invited to special events (Robotics Competitions, Award Banquets, etc.), which require specific attire. Students are required to comply with the dress code requirement to participate as a representative of City Charter High School.  

Because fashions change quickly and unpredictably, City High cannot list all acceptable and unacceptable attire. City High administration reserves the right to determine if a student’s attire meets the acceptable dress code.  

Acceptable Business Attire

Females and Students who Identify as Females  

  • Collared dress shirt or dress blouse which completely covers the bust area, stomach, sides and back, and is not cut below the shoulder blade  
  • Sheer blouses worn with a camisole which conceals undergarments  
  • Vests and blazers worn over a school appropriate shirt or dress  
  • Dress pants which originate at the waist  
  • Ankle pants (may not be more than ONE INCH above the ankle)  
  • Dresses and skirts which are knee length or longer (in the front, sides and back)  
  • Skirts that originate at the waist  
  • Dresses that completely cover the bust area and are not cut below the shoulder blade  
  • Sleeveless dresses and blouses WORN WITH an appropriate sweater or blazer  
  • Make-up and jewelry which is business appropriate (as determined by the administration of City High). 
  • Hair and headbands that do not exceed 3 inches in width  
  • Dress shoes, closed toe  
  • Facial piercings must be a stud  

Males and Students who Identify as Males  

  • Oxford style collared dress shirts, polo style shirts and turtlenecks tucked into pants  
  • Vests and blazers worn over a school appropriate shirt  
  • Dress pants which are full length and originate at the waist  
  • Business appropriate jewelry as determined by the administration of City High  
  • Oxford style lace-up or loafer type shoes  
  • Facial piercings must be a stud  
  • City High cardigans are available in red and black. These sweaters can be purchased through the Activities Manager.  

The Following Items Are Not Appropriate for School


  • Camouflage print, denim and denim look clothing in any item or in any color  
  • Chest logos, pictures, insignias or branding (Logos on polo-style shirts MAY NOT exceed 2” in diameter)  
  • Dickie’s shirts, tank tops, cami’s, tee shirts  
  • Shirts, sweaters and vests with a hood  
  • Cargo pants  
  • Yoga pants, stretch pants, leggings, Capri’s, MC Hammer pants, overalls, shorts, pajama bottoms, jogger style pants  
  • Pants with more than 2 pockets in the front and 2 pockets in the back  
  • Pants with pockets that originate below the waist, have rivets, studs, writing, logos or pictures  
  • Pants with pockets stitched on the outside of the pants  
  • Pants that are gathered at the ankle with elastic or ties 
  • Dress and skirt splits which are more than 3” above the knee  
  • Clothing with cut-outs, (including ripped or torn items)  
  • Jewelry and belts made with bullets, bullet casings or pointed studs or anything that can be used as a weapon  
  • Earrings which exceed 3” in length or diameter  
  • Hats, scarves, hoods, wave caps, shower caps, sweatbands, bandannas, sunglasses, non-prescription glasses, non-professional headbands, headsets, combs, picks, curlers, knit headbands and scarves intended as outer-wear  
  • Slippers, moccasins, flip-flops, Sperry’s (or Sperry type boat shoes), shoes with a sneaker bottom, shoes that cover the ankle, shoes worn as flip-flops/slippers  
  • Sagging pants  
  • Rolled pant legs  
  • Clothing which reveals under-garments (this includes skirts and dresses worn without a slip, AND light colored shirts and pants worn over bright colored undergarments, AND clothing which reveals the outline of undergarments).  
  • Clothing which does not adequately cover private body parts (including cleavage)  
  • Clothing with inappropriate words, slogans, pictures or insignias  
  • Clothing that has to be pinned to be appropriate (i.e., a skirt with an inappropriate split may not be pinned to be in dress code; a shrug may not be pinned in lieu of wearing a button down or pull over sweater to cover an inappropriate shirt)  
Students with inappropriate tattoos on their arms must wear long sleeves. (Administration reserves the right to determine if a tattoo is appropriate or inappropriate.)  

Extra-Curricular Activity Participation

  1. City Charter High School Students bringing guests to any school sponsored extra-curricular activity must complete the Guest Form, which includes providing a photo ID of the guest. The administration reserves the right to refuse permission for a guest to attend any extra- curricular event based upon that individual’s previous behavior at their current or prior school, or while attending City Charter High School.  
  2. Students who are suspended or who have been expelled and have not met the requirements for readmission to City Charter High School will not be approved as guests to attend a City Charter High School sponsored event.  
  3. Students who withdrew from City Charter High School while suspended or when an expulsion hearing was pending will not be approved as guests to attend a City Charter High School sponsored event.  
  4. Students who have threatened a City Charter High School student or staff member or a guest attending a school-sponsored event will not be approved as guests to attend a City Charter High School sponsored event.  
  5. Students who have been removed from City Charter High School or any City Charter High School event for loitering, vagrancy, under the influence of any substance, or for any act of aggression will not be approved as guests to attend a City Charter High School sponsored event.  
  6. Students who have been convicted of an act of aggression, felony, drug offense or sex crime will not be approved as guests to attend a City Charter High School sponsored event.  
  7. Students who are suspended or expelled from the school they are attending will not be approved as guests to attend a City Charter High School sponsored event.  
  8. All guests must be under the age of twenty-one (21) and be currently enrolled in the 9th- 12th grades. It is the responsibility of the City Charter High School student to obtain an approved guest form.  
  9. Students arriving at school functions under the influence of a controlled substance will not be admitted.  
    1. Guests arriving under the influence of a controlled substance will be banned from all future activities sponsored by City Charter High School.  
    2. City Charter High School students will be isolated immediately until custody can be arranged with the individual’s parents or local authorities. A 5-day suspension will result from students violating this policy.  
  10. Smoking and vaping are not permitted at any venue where an event sponsored by City Charter High School is hosted.  

Grading Policy

City High requires a C grade as the minimum for graduation and provides equitable academic, social, and emotional supports to maximize the prospects of all students meeting that goal. 

Laptop, Textbooks, Supplies

All students at City Charter High School are provided with a laptop computer for their use. Before students may take their laptops home, parents and students must sign off on both the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy and the Procedures for Repair Policy.  

Warranty and Damages

Every City Charter High School laptop contains a 4 year warranty. This will provide complete protection for all repairs, accidental breakage and maintenance. The students should never have to pay for any laptop repair that is covered by the warranty. However, damage done to the computer through misuse, vandalism, or repeated breakage, is NOT considered “accidental” and must be paid for by the student responsible for the computer. In case of misuse, neglect, vandalism or repeated breakage, the following represent some common replacement parts and approximate costs that will be incurred by the parent and paid to City Charter High School:  

(Note: Depending on the extent of the damage, students may be charged an additional repair fee)  

SCREEN: $300  


Students are also responsible for lost laptops or their components. Loss is not covered by the school’s commercial insurance policy. If a student loses a laptop, battery or ac adapter they must pay the school for the item. Students who owe the school for lost, damage or vandalized laptops must repay the school in full or setup a monthly payment plan. In case of a loss, students will not be allowed to take another laptop home until payment is made in full. Students will have access to a laptop during the school day as long as they continue to make monthly payments. In case of loss, the following approximate costs will be incurred by the parent and paid to City Charter High School:  
AC Adapter Replacement:  $35 
Battery Replacement: $75 
Laptop Loss:  $500.00 (1st time), $1000.00 (2nd time)  


City Charter High School defines theft as when a student either 1) has their laptop equipment forcibly taken from their possession or 2) has their laptop taken when it is locked up. If a student’s laptop is stolen the student must produce a Police Report to City High:  
Theft w/Police Report: 1st Occurrence – No Cost  
2nd Occurrence - $500  
3rd Occurrence - $1000  

Ear Buds

Ear Buds are issued to all 9th grade students who do not own a personal set. The Ear Buds are required in certain classes and must be used for educational purposes only. 

If a student loses, damages or destroys Ear Buds issued by City Charter High School, the replacement cost is $5.00. 

One replacement will be issued and billed to the Debt Account. Successive replacements must be paid before the replacement. 


Students will be provided with books in various classes. The book issued to the student is the one he/she must return. Allowance is made for normal use, but any damage or loss will be the responsibility of the student. If a book is lost or damaged, it will be the student’s responsibility to pay for it. This applies to all school equipment such as lockers, computers, science supplies, etc.  


Lockers are assigned to individual students at the beginning of the year. Lockers should be kept locked at all times. 

Locker combinations should be kept confidential because each student is held responsible for the contents of the assigned locker. Lockers should not be shared with other students. The cost of repairing the locker will be charged to the student. 

Lockers are the property of the school and are subject to search and inspection by school administrators and security, based on reasonable suspicion AND at random without notice, student consent and without a search warrant. 

Handicap accessible lockers are located on each grade-level floor for use by students requiring such assistance. 


Students are assigned to a lunch period each day. Students are required to go to the cafeteria and remain there during their respective lunch periods. Lunch periods are thirty minutes long and allow ample time for students to eat lunch and have some time for relaxation and socializing. 


Students are not permitted to bring any glass or breakable containers into the building. The following rules apply while in the cafeteria.  
  • All students in the cafeteria should be seated in a chair at a table unless they are in transit. The aisles must be kept clear for safety and mobility.  
  • It is the student’s responsibility to clear the area of the cafeteria he/she uses and deposit plates, glasses, flatware and trash in the proper receptacles.  
  • No food or beverages are permitted to be taken from the cafeteria/dining area. All food and beverages must be consumed in the cafeteria.  
  • Students are not permitted to have food (pizza, cakes, etc.) or beverages delivered to the school by outside vendors or establishments.  
  • Students are not permitted to have BIRTHDAY OR ANY TYPE OF CELEBRATIONS - cake, cookies, cupcakes, pizza or balloons – during lunch or the school-day.  
  • Students may bring their own lunches to the cafeteria but there are no microwaves available for student use so lunches need to be “ready to eat”.  
  • Computers may not be used in the large cafeteria during lunch. Computers are allowed in the Quiet Lunch room for grades 10 - 12.  

Violation of the cafeteria rules will negatively affect the students Workforce Readiness Grade which ultimately may affect the student’s ability to participate in field experiences as well as internships. In addition, the first violation of the rules will result in the student’s cafeteria privileges being withdrawn. The student will then eat alone in the office. No snacks will be permitted. Subsequent violations will result in the implementation of a Behavior Improvement Plan, with cafeteria privileges being withdrawn and community service in the cafeteria will be assigned.  

Online Portal

At City High, there is a single web portal point of access to all the key information students and parents need: classes, homework, grades, attendance, progress reports, activity schedules, lunch menus, school news, and communication between the school, teachers, students and parents. Teachers at City High manage the activities and assignments within their classroom using an electronic grade book. The Teacher Grade Book provides teachers the necessary features for recording grades and attendance.  

City Charter High School does not send progress reports or attendance reports as the information is available on the Parent Portal.  

For help with passwords and PORTAL accounts contact Mr. Watson at 412-690-2489 or through email -  

Social Media

As an organization with a commitment to quality education and the safety of our students, as well as the preservation of our outstanding reputation as a school, the standards for appropriate online communication at City Charter High School are necessarily high. While we respect the right of students, employees, alumni, and other members of our community to utilize the variety of social media options available, we must insist that the following standards be met by our students and faculty at all times, as well as by alumni and all other users who participate in City Charter High School sponsored sites.  

The City Charter High School Social Media Policy establishes rules and guidance for the use of social media by students, parents/guardians, employees and guests including, but are not limited to, visitors, workshop attendees, volunteers, board members, independent contractors and consultants.  

Comments and Participation

Comments to City Charter High School sponsored sites, such as its Website via blogs, online forms, etc., or social media sites, are welcome and encouraged, and we look forward to hearing from you. To promote respectful discussion within this forum, we request that you be courteous and productive and avoid comments that are profane, obscene, offensive, sexually explicit, inappropriate, inflammatory or otherwise objectionable. Blogs often foster debate of an issue; users are to engage in such exchanges with mutual respect for others’ opinions.  

For the privacy of users and their families, please assume that all postings to City Charter High School -sponsored sites will be publicly available on the Internet and therefore publicly accessible without limitation or protection of any kind. Please consider how much personal information to share, with the understanding that this information may be linked to your name and published on the Internet.  

By posting a comment or other material to City Charter High School sponsored sites as outlined above, users give City Charter High School the irrevocable right and license to exercise all copyright, publicity, and moral rights with respect to any content you provide, which includes using your submission for any purpose in any form and on any media, including but not limited to: displaying, modifying, reproducing, distributing, creating other works from, and publishing your submission. City Charter High School reserves the right to review all comments before they are posted, and to edit them to preserve readability for other users.  

City Charter High School has the right, but not the duty, to inspect, review, or retain electronic communication created, sent, displayed, received or stored on and over the school’s server and network, as well as to monitor, record, check, track, log, access or otherwise inspect all communication on its server and network. This includes school issued technology, personal computers and electronic devices, and databases, files, software and social media that contain City Charter High School (program, event, student, staff) information and data.  

City Charter High School further reserves the right to reject or remove comments for any reason, including but not limited to our belief that the comments violate this Comment Policy, to determine in its sole discretion which submissions meet its qualifications for posting, and to remove comments for any reason, including but not limited to our belief that the comments violate this Policy. Any submissions that fail to follow this Policy in any way or are otherwise irrelevant will be removed.  

City Charter High School also reserves the right to amend this Policy from time to time in our judgment to address issues that may arise and changes in our operations or the law.  

In posting material on City Charter High School-sponsored sites, you agree NOT to:  

  • Post material that City Charter High School determines is threatening, harassing, illegal, obscene, defamatory, slanderous, or hostile towards any individual or entity.  
  • Post phone numbers, email addresses or other confidential information of students, faculty, or any other person other than yourself. If you choose to post your own contact information for any reason, please be aware that the information will be available to the public and is, therefore, subject to misuse.  
  • Post material that infringes on the rights of City Charter High School or any individual or entity, including privacy, intellectual property or publication rights.  
  • Post material that promotes or advertises a commercial product or solicits business or membership or financial or other support in any business, group or organization except those which are officially sponsored by City Charter High School, except in designated areas specifically marked for this purpose.  
  • Post chain letters, post the same comment multiple times, or otherwise distribute “spam” via the City Charter High School sponsored site.  
  • Allow any other individual or entity to use your identification for posting or viewing comments.  
  • Post comments under multiple names or using another person’s name.  

City Charter High School reserves the right to do any or all of the following:  

  • Prohibit those who repeatedly violate this policy from participating on City Charter High School sponsored sites.  
  • Remove or edit comments at any time, whether or not they violate this Policy.  

User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless City Charter High School, its affiliates, directors, employees, successors and assigns against any damages, losses, liabilities, judgments, causes of action, costs or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs) arising out of any claim by a third party relating to any material user has posted on City Charter High School sponsored sites.  

By posting a comment or material of any kind on a City Charter High School sponsored site, the user hereby agrees to the Social Media Policy.  

Student Use

First and foremost, students are encouraged to always exercise the utmost caution when participating in any form of social media or online communications, both within the City Charter High School community and beyond.  

Students who participate in online interactions must remember that their posts reflect on the entire City Charter High School community and, as such, are subject to the same behavioral standards set forth in the Student Code of Conduct.  
In addition to the regulations found in the Student Handbook, students are expected to abide by the following:  

  • Students may not use school issued equipment to publish disparaging or harassing remarks about City Charter High School community members, events or activities on social media sites.  
  • Students who choose to post editorial content to websites or other forms of online media must ensure that their submission does not reflect poorly upon the school.  

Failure to abide by this Policy, as with other policies at City Charter High School, may result in disciplinary action as described in the Student Handbook, or as determined by the Administration of City Charter High School.  

Official Social Networking Sites

Any City Charter High School social networking sites must be approved by the CEO/Principal and Education Manager and should adhere to the following standards:  

Logos and graphics used on the site must be consistent with the branding standards and usage guidelines of the School;  

Sites that accept comments or postings by anyone other than the site administrator must be diligently monitored to ensure that information displayed fits within these guidelines and is appropriate to the subject matter of the page;  

Students should not be expected to utilize the site as the only source of important information since student access to social networking sites is restricted on the City Charter High School network.  

The City Charter High School Social Media Policy applies no matter where the use occurs: whether brought onto school property, to a school sponsored event, or connected to the school’s network, or when using mobile commuting equipment and telecommunications facilities in protected or unprotected areas or environments, directly from home, or indirectly through another social media or internet service provider, as well as by other means. All actions must be conducted in accordance with the law, assist in the protection of City Charter High School resources, insure compliance with this Social Media Policy, its administrative regulations as well as local, state and federal laws. City Charter High School will cooperate to the extent legally required with social media sites, internet service providers, local, state and federal officials in investigations or with other legal requests, whether criminal or civil actions.  


City Charter High School City High students will utilize public transportation to get to and from school. We are strongly encouraging students to follow the required CDC social distance guidelines for riding public transportation. 

In an effort to keep our families informed about public transportation resources, we have researched some options that are available to assist families with planning their daily transportation routes. 

  • Port Authority has launched the Room2Ride tool which helps to estimate how full your bus usually is at scheduled bus stop time points. As a reminder, to allow for safe social distancing vehicle capacity limits remain in place. Drivers have been instructed to pass up stops when their vehicle reaches the limit until other passengers on the vehicle disembark. We recommend allowing additional travel time. 
  • TrueTime is a Port Authority App that is a resource, which informs riders of the location of their bus and when it will arrive at their stop. To ensure you don't miss your bus, please be at your stop at least five minutes before the estimated stop time. Estimated stop times are only available for buses arriving within 30 minutes. If your bus is delayed, TrueTime will adjust estimated stop times accordingly. 

As a back to school planning tip for families using Port Authority, we are recommending that families use the above mentioned resources to plan your child’s route to and from school  

Questions or Concerns?


City Charter High School Office of School Safety  
24/7 Emergency Phone Line: (412) 690-2489 ext. 1991